Coteau View Kennels Hunting Dog Training

Gun Dog Training For All Sporting Breeds

Gun Dog Training Consists of:

  • Basic Obedience Commands (Here, Sit, Heel, and Kennel)
  • Force Fetch (Grab, Hold, and Retrieve to hand on command)
  • Collar Conditioning
  • Introduction to Live Birds and Conditioned to Gunshot
  • Basic Single Marks Will be Taught
  • Whoa Training can also be incorporated for pointing breeds including pointing labs 
  • $700/month (additional cost for birds)
  • This gun dog program will take a minimum of 3 months

Advanced Retriever Training

Advanced Gun Dog Training Consists of:

  • Reinforcement of Basic Obedience Commands
  • Concept Marks will be Taught
  • Handling and Casting will be Taught
  • $750/Month (additional cost for upland birds) This training program will take a Minimum of 5 Months

Gun Dog Training

Important Notes About Training

Not all dogs learn at the same rate, some learn faster than others. For this reason, we can not tell you exactly how long it will take to get your dog to complete the program.

Not all dogs have the capacity to complete this level of training. If we feel your dog won't efficiently complete the program, we will contact you and talk about your options.

All animals WILL be on heartworm preventative and flea and tick preventative while at our facility. If none is provided to us, we will provide them and add the cost to your monthly bill.

We require 4 weeks payment upon drop off of your dog. From then on you will be billed monthly.

Your dog must have shot records present upon drop off. Veterinary services are the owners responsibility for injury or illness of your dog. Bi-monthly updates will be given on your dog's progress in the program.

Pointing Labrador Training

Rates For Live Birds

Chukar:       $10.00
Pheasants: $12.00
Ducks:        $13.00
Pigeons:     $5.50
Quail:          $7.50

Coteau View Kennels Boarding Service

Our brand new 3000 Square foot boarding facility is fully equipped to take care of every need your pet would ever have!  

We have a total of 46 climate controlled kennels to offer our clients’ best friends.  Our facility is maintained at a comfortable 70 degrees year round which lowers stress on all of our little guests! We also pride ourselves in the cleanliness of our facility.  

We power wash and sanitize on a daily basis which ensures the safety of your pet while they are with us.  

We require every dog that is boarded in our facility to have shot records presented before the animal is even allowed into the facility. Health and safety is of utmost importance to us and in no way will we slack on that responsibility!  

We also have a Veterinarian on staff to ensure your pets safety!

Kennel Size and Prices

5x6 ft kennel $25/animal/night
10x8 ft kennel $35/animal/night

Pets must be picked up before 4 PM or there will be an additional 1/2 day charge added to your bill.

Gun Dog Training

Important Notes About Kenneling

A shot record will need to be presented for every animal entering the facility.

Vaccinations Required:

  • Bordetella, Rabies, and Distemper. Any puppies (under 6 months of age) need to be vaccinated for Parvo, absolutely no exceptions.

All animals will be given 20 minute exercise sessions 3 times per day.

Animals will be fed upon your feeding instructions and careful notes will be taken and followed if your pet requires any medications.

If food is not provided, we will supply it for an additional cost of $5.00/day.

If your animal requires medication, a $5.00/day fee will be applied to your bill.

We also offer in home pick up and drop off of your pet for a $15.00 fee within a 20 mile radius.