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Health Tested Pointing Labrador Puppies For Sale

Our LIFETIME Puppy Guarantee

All Coteau View Puppies are GUARANTEED to be unaffected by EIC, CNM, PRA-PRCD, DM, RD/OSD, HNPK, and SD2. This guarantee is valid for the LIFETIME of your Coteau View Puppy!

We understand that purchasing a new hunting partner is a major investment in your future enjoyment in the field. That is why we guarantee that your new puppy is going to live a long, healthy life.  

Your new Coteau View Pup also comes with a 26 month GUARANTEE for GENETIC skeletal/eye development issues, so rest assured that you will be well taken care of with Coteau View! 

Jett X Kimber Litter

1.5XGMPR Jett X CPR Kimber Litter

Jett- 62 lbs.   View Pedigree Info.

Kimber-60 lbs.  View Pedigree Info.          

This is a great pairing for anyone looking for an American field bred labrador that has off the charts natural pointing instinct along with the "off" switch to hang out with the family. These are going to be some very driven pups and will fit well with any hunting/home scenario. As always, these pups carry our LIFETIME GUARANTEE for being CLEAR of EIC, CNM, PRA-PRCD, HNPK, SD2, RD/OSD and DM. This litter is expected July 16th 2020 with an expected take home date of September 5th. We currently have deposits available on this great litter!

AKC Registered Black and Chocolate Pointing Labrador Pups

Males/Females $1600

Jett X Diva Litter

1.5xGMPR Jett X GMPR Diva Litter

Jett- 62 lbs. View pedigree info.

Diva- 60 lbs. View pedigree info.

AKC Registered Black and Chocolate Pointing Labrador Pups

These pups are guaranteed CLEAR of EIC, CNM, PRA-PRCD, DM, HNPK, RD/OSD and SD2! They also come with our complete 26 month health guarantee as well as a complete satisfaction guarantee! Now is the time to get on the list for one of these outstanding pups! We absolutely promise that you won't be sorry that you did! This litter is expected May 19th 2020 and has an expected take home date of July 4th 2020. Deposit spots are currently full on this litter but we are creating a wait list with no deposit required. 


Boss X Willa Litter

APR Boss JH X CPR Willa Litter

Boss- 62 lbs   View Pedigree Info.

Willa- 58 lbs     View Pedigree Info.

AKC Registered Chocolate Pointing Labrador Pups

If you are looking for that dog that has a huge motor in the field but becomes all about the family in the off time, this is your litter! These pups will be high rolling upland and waterfowl dogs but will have that classic labrador off switch that everyone wants! Boss and Willa both have a very intense point in the upland along with extreme retrieve drive! These pups are GUARANTEED unaffected of EIC, CNM, PRA-PRCD, SD2, HNPK, DM and RD/OSD and come with our exclusive LIFETIME genetic disease guarantee! This breeding is due on June 24th and will be ready for their new homes mid August! Now is the time to get on the list for this high powered pairing!

Males/Females $1,400

Bravo X Mia Litter

4XGMPR Bravo X APR Mia Litter

Bravo- 62 lbs View Pedigree Info

Mia- 48 lbs    View Pedigree Info

AKC Registered Black and Yellow Pointing Labrador Pups

This litter is for anyone looking for a pup that will end up on the smaller side around (around 50 lbs). These pups are going to be great anywhere from a family setting to field work. They are hard chargers in the field but shut off when it's family time. These pups are going to be very strong pointers in the upland and great marking dogs for waterfowl situations. Putting two very versatile Labradors like these two together is sure to produce quality puppies! As always, these pups come with our LIFETIME GUARANTEE on genetic diseases such as EIC, CNM, PRA-PRCD, HNPK, DM, SD2 and RD/OSD. They also come with our standard 26 month hip, elbow and eye guarantee! You won't be sorry going with one of these pups! This litter is expected in June 2020 with an expected take home date in August. We Currently have deposits available on this great litter! 

Males/Females $1,800

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We offer only the best accommodations for our dogs but also for our client's dogs. Our kennel is insulated, air conditioned, and heated so our dogs are living in comfort throughout their stay, including our harsh South Dakota winters! They are also equipped with fresh water at all times. Each kennel has a bed so they can get up off of the cement flooring. 

​We take every precaution to ensure our boys and girls as well as your furry friends are as comfortable as they can be!